What’s this about then?

Ah, Good Question. Good ol’ Facey, in all it’s infinite wisdom has made it harder and harder for me to connect with you all individually. Telling you stuff, or sharing important things with you about The Motherload, or stuff that I think we should discuss together, or even just things from my own experience of motherhood (of three!) are getting harder and harder as I have to submit to the powers of the algorithm. This isn’t a substitute for The Motherload Community Group, but I want it to be an extension of that sofa where we all gather, curled up together, and share stuff that’s a bit more than just the stuff we are in need of advice for. The chat that leaves us feeling pumped and more than ‘just a mum’, while also tackling the whole bloody issue of the ‘mother load’. See what I did there?

Okay. What can I expect?

The Motherload Community on Facebook will always be our place for support and advice. But there are so many other things around that that directly affect us as mothers and parents. We are living through some exceptionally difficult times and finding people that Get It can feel bloody hard. As MOLOs we have an innate understanding of each other and through this newsletter, I want to share stuff that is not only important to me, but important to you too.

… Like?

Things like, stuff in the news that makes us go - what? Or campaigns and important movements for change, like the brilliant flexible working campaigns out there, or appeals from organisations like Pregnant then Screwed. I want to share the stuff that we chunter about in our heads, that we mutter to ourselves when out walking, and other things, like experiences of my own parenting that you might find interesting or useful. I want it to feel like you are getting a piece of ME too. Oh - and there’s extra stuff, like The Motherload podcast coming this year, and I’ll be letting you hear episodes in advance. I might even have some little flutter things like treats, just for subscribers.

How often will you be hitting my inbox then?

Actually this is a Good Question too. Because I think we need to work that out together. Initially, I’m going to publish every couple of weeks, and then we’ll see if a. you like it and b. if you want more. I’ll be biting my nails when I ask you that.

Is it different from the website?

Yes and no. Our website is this huge TREASURE trove of interesting thoughts and opinions, advice or experiences. It’s written by a huge range of authors. This is more from me, as Founder of The Motherload, still with the experiences and opinions mind. You might find there is some duplicate content on there and here initially though as I build out the content, but the more this Substack grows, the more unique content will be here.

You know I also hope, in a way, it helps you to get to know me a bit better too. Running the community has been one of the best things I’ve ever done but there is an itch to scratch with well, simply, what comes next?

Alright, you’ve convinced me. Where do I sign up?

AH! I’m thrilled that you are on board. One day I’d like to think this newsletter will be worth paying the odd bit towards, should you so wish. But for the first 500 subscribers, I’m going to offer it for FREE. Subscribe here: